Beer reviews here.

My reviews are based on my tastebuds, my years of experience drinking beer and the following 5 categories (based on guidelines set out by Beer Advocate):

Appearance: 4/4 Points Available
In this category I analyze how the beer looks; the color, head thickness and most importantly the lacing! Many drinking folks out there believe this category to be useless but I believe it sets the tone for the beer. Appearance is everything in our society after all, but I only give it 4 of the possible 40 points.
Aroma: 10/10 Points Available
Here’s where I smell the beer. I’m
Mouthfeel: 7/7 Points Available
Flavor: 15/15 Points Available
Drinkability: 4/4 Points Available


Each point earned in each category is worth .25 points in the overall Mike Rating.
These 5 categories give me the 5/5 Overall Mike Rating